Group Play For Child Development

Young children will be happiest when they are playing in groups with their peers. There is nothing a parent likes for their children more than their happiness. But what would happen when the child is reserved and socially awkward? Such children will end up inviting unwanted attention to them. The attention comes from their teachers or care givers, their parents and other children. It is important for children to learn how to express themselves and open up to the world. Children enjoy play group activities, especially with close friends and family. Sometimes tragic events can cause them to withdraw. In cases like this, group play therapy can be used to help them recover.

Choose the right places that children can participate in group play are numerous. Almost every city has a kids play center that organizes several group activities for kids. There is evidence that children showed an improved sense of self concept with increased participation in group play activities. They improved their relationships with others and seemed more autonomous and assertive than before after participation in group play activities. An experiment with a shy child who could not hold eye contact with others had excellent results for them. After group play, she could express herself and be assertive, telling others firmly that they could not take the paper they were drawing on or mess with her dollhouse furniture.

Unique event venues Melbourne are another place where children can participate in group play and child competitions. Win or lose, the positive and negative expectations and regard from others helps them develop and identity that they will take into adulthood. If other children regard them positively, it improves their self-esteem. They can therefore develop gratifying relationships with others and take these standards and expectations about themselves and their contribution to others into adulthood.

From the teachers and the therapists that participated in these studies, their comments seemed to support the fact that group play could improve child behavior problems. They gave examples of children that passed through group play focused studies and came out transformed. One child was always aggressive with the other children and with toys. She often pushed other children to the limit and seemed to annoy them. After participating in group play therapy, they were friendly and respectful to others. One impulsive child that often interfered with the activities of others ended up very calm and seemed to stay on task more. All of these activities helped reduce significantly the level of stress that their parents had when dealing with them.

Children also exhibited more self control after participating in group therapy than before. One study involved four kindergarten kids walking through a hallway while being monitored by their teachers. In the beginning they were more impulsive and distracted. They often interrupted the play activities of others and knocked down boundaries. After group therapy, they were able to follow school rules and stay calm, walking through the play areas and hallways calmly. These studies were more than enough indication of an improvement in child behavior and mental ability through group play.

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