Best Gear For Urban Survival

While people will look twice and also wonder twice when they hear or the words ‘urban survival’. People usually associate the words ‘survival’ with a rainforest in the Amazon with anacondas and huge alligators surrounding you, or maybe being stranded in the savannah with lions after your blood, or even being stuck in the middle of Alaskan icebergs with a pack of wolves circling you. But for those who saw, experienced or heard about the many natural disasters that have been in the increase in recent years, you would understand that when disaster strikes it does not care whether you are in the middle of an important meeting or taking a shower. Most of the time disaster strikes, you will be in an urban environment.

So for those who live in cyclone zones or flood and tsunami zones, here are some gears to keep with you in easy-to-reach places for when the time comes for you.

Water filter

Water is one of the primary concerns no matter where you are. Even if you could go without food for days, water is something you need to survive along with oxygen. In cases of the urban environments freshwater is easy to find. But when an earthquake or tsunami strikes, there freshwater sources get contaminated. So your best bet will be to find water from plants as they usually have the xylem with water transport and trees usually filter water through their roots. So buy a survival grade water filter or chemical water cleansing kits and keep them with you. These are a must have in your concrete trailer pump capable of being pulled by even modest-sized vehicles too.

ZeroHour XD Tactical Flashlight

This flashlight is different from others in the market as it is much sturdier and has long lasting power. This flashlight packs 1000 lumen and has a 10000 mAh USB battery as an emergency backup attached to it. With the detachable waterproof casing you can keep this bright light safe from any dangers.   This is another item for to keep in the glove compartment of your concrete pump sales at Moore-Quip as an emergency supply.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit

What is the worst thing about natural disaster apart from losing everything? The inability to communicate your plight to anyone. You cannot confirm about your life and you cannot ask anyone to help you either. Even if you have your electronics without water or breakage with no electricity you cannot use them. This is where this adventure kit comes into place. This amazing item is a portable solar charger. Assuming you are not near a volcano eruption or stuck underground, you will most likely have access to sunlight. And by using this kit you can charge up your cell phones, GPS devices and emergency radios to communicate to those who come to aid.

Have some emergency items that will come in handy when you are hit by a disaster. In most case scenarios, it will be too late for you to go shopping so have these on you beforehand.