Your Guide To Lawyers

The big world of legal profession out there can easily confuse an average citizen or even a layman hoping to enter the profession. There seems to exist a multitude of categories for lawyers, from civil lawyers to criminal lawyers. While we do understand civil and criminal practice, it is always good to know what other categories entail. However, it needs to be well remembered that even though such categories exist, not all lawyers limit themselves exclusively to one.

Bankruptcy lawyers

One of the most stressful of categories for lawyers to practice in is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers usually work with big corporations but this can also be individuals. Their primary task is to help clients with court proceedings to reduce or remove debts and go ahead with the bankruptcy proceedings. Thus, in most cases, these tasks include long hours of work, intense meetings with the stakeholders and careful research.

Family law and divorce lawyers

Family law and divorce lawyers are perhaps the most popular category of lawyers in presently in practice. However, this means they also deal with extremely personal and sensitive situations, which require them to tread with caution. They also have to be extremely attentive to their clients and non-judgmental Family law lawyers represent their clients at divorce proceedings, child custody cases, pre-nuptial agreements and dissolution of assets after a divorce.

Traffic offence cases

There are lawyers who also practice cases of traffic offences. They represent clients who have been in accidents, advocating for their interests. Often these cases include the lawyers trying to reduce the charges on the client. Obtaining extraordinary driver’s licence for clients is yet another talk handled by these lawyers.

(An extraordinary driver’s licence allows someone disqualified from driving the permission to drive in special circumstances).

Civil rights attorneys

Civil rights is one of the most dynamic and ever growing fields of legal practice. In fact, most people enter this category as they are truly passionate about the ideals of the service. Civil rights attorneys focus on constitutional rights, human rights, and women’s rights of the minorities and marginalized groups and also Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights. They strive to ensure equality and well-being for all groups.

Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers focus -obviously- on employee rights. They strive to ensure that the rights of the employees are protected at the face of employers. Hence, their work usually focuses on workers’ compensation, cases of sexual harassment at work place, workplace safety, termination of employment, wage and overtime standards, discrimination based on unfair grounds and employee benefits. This is, once again, a very popular branch of practice.


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