DUI Laws Can Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

DUI (Driving under influence) is a serious traffic offence that will not only cost you a heavy fine but can also attract license forfeiture in some cases. There is no single DUI law practiced across the world. The scope complexity and extent of punishments differs from state to state. However, without any distinction every country has laid down stringent laws to prevent driving under influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance. Here is a gist of common DUI legal provisions across the world that will make you will think twice before heading to the wheels after a round of shots. Have a look at this page if you are looking for perfect drug lawyers.

Breath analyzers: Although it is quite easy to find whether a person is intoxicated or not, a breath analyzer is used by traffic law firm Sydney to determine how drunk or intoxicated a person is. Depending on the extent of the results, the punishments could range from a warning or even a court hearing. Drink driving solicitors can help individuals ease out of court hearings with a well written plea.

Forfeiture of license: One of the several punishments that an intoxicated driver will be charged with is forfeiture of license. With license forfeiture the driver will not be able to use his or any other vehicle until the forfeiture is revoked. In extreme cases, the forfeiture can span from six months to a whole year. Drink driving solicitors with experience can help individual with severe penalties convince the court to reduce the term of forfeiture. However, it is quite probable that the driver will be charged with a penalty that will remind him to not to drink under influence again. 

DUI laws have undergone major changes in the recent years. In the initial years drinking under alcohol influence was the only serious offence. Today, a large number of narcotic substances as well as pills are also bought under the ambit of DUI laws to prevent intoxicated drivers from taking the road. A large number of fatal accidents caused due to such drug induced driving have lead to these significant changes.

If you find yourself facing a tough traffic cop writing a traffic ticket for DUI, the first thing you have to do is to contact a legal attorney who can sort of the mess you have put yourself into. Every citizen is entitled to have a lawyer present him or herself in court to submit the plea and to hear the proceedings. The jargons used and the context of the law can be quite cumbersome for a civilian. It is best left to a legal professional who can twist facts and make smart arguments that will help you walk out freely without much damage.